“The customer is always right” is a common saying. To what level you agree with this statement is your choice to make, but one thing is constant – the customer is important. What is a business without its customers?! What is a brand without its patrons?! Easy answer, right?

Some consumers are easy to win over, while others require some time and effort to get hooked. Sometimes all you have to do is offer an eBay discount or some other special deal for your product, but some might need more convincing than that. Regardless of how these customers are brought on board, it is crucial to keep them, and doing so requires dedicated effort. For example, research shows that a customer is four times more likely to patronize a competitor if the problem is service related, rather than price or product related.

In light of these, here are three things that a brand can do to build lasting relationships with users:

  •  Engage with them, at the right tie

More than 80% of customers are willing to pay if the customer experience is high quality. You see then that as much as the product is important, the customer experience also matters. When brands engage with customers in a proactive, well timed way, they ensure the customers get all the support they need even before asking. This keeps them hooked.

  •  Understand and maintain the value you provide to your customers

It’s good to interact with your customers, but if you cease providing the thing that makes them come to you, then be prepared to lose them. You want to actually improve on the products and services, and not the other way around.

  • Study customer behavior

If a brand is going to keep its customers on board for the long term, it must understand how customers are engaging with its product throughout their journey with it. Customer behavior sometimes evolves and it is important to adapt to these changes.

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