iPage is one of the most popular inexpensive web host company that offers shared, virtual and dedicated hosting plans. The company was established in 1998, and today hosts over one million websites on their two datacenter, which are located in Boston, MA. Offering a variety of hosting plans, iPage is a great choice for newbies, small website owners and growing businesses.

Probably this is the best way to describe iPage in three sentences, and probably you can find similar information all over the web, because most web hosting review sites will give you a general view on the hosting companies they list.

Well, this ipage review will be a bit different: I will give you a complete and honest review and will also tell my personal experience with the company. Who would know better what is going on, than a customer who is using iPage since 2010? That customer would be me.

Why am I writing this iPage review? You can find ton of information about iPage, there are complains there are hate messages, there are people who love their service, and there are customers like me, who are hosting their website with iPage for a very long time and never talked about their experience. I’m writing this ipage review to help webmasters to decide it iPage is good or not for they need.

Certainly, Ipage is not for everyone, and I will not say this is the best hosting company ever, and you should sing up right away, because you are losing their promotional offer, indeed, iPage is not the best, it has some issues and in some cases can cause frustration among their clients, but why does this happen? I will tell you a bit later; now let’s see what features are included with the Essential Plan. You can also take a look to this iPage review on WebHostingMedia in order to see another point of view on this company.

Main Features of iPage’s Essential Plan

  • Easy website, domain, email and file management thanks to the vDeck control panel
  • Easy to use website builder with a large number of free templates
  • Affordable and reliable service backed by a great 24/7 available support team
  • Risk free hosting service with 30 day money back guarantee
  • Ability to host multiple website on same shared hosting account
  • Ability to add multiple email addresses and create multiple MySQL databases
  • Ability to expand to VPS or Dedicated hosting if needed

Now that you know what the main advantages of iPage are, I suggest digging deeper and analyze the company from a closer point of view. In the following I will explain every feature that is offered in the Essential Plan, will discuss the most common questions regarding this plan, will go through the other plans features, and will also share my personal experience along this process.

Unlimited hosting with iPage – Is this real?

Let’s make it clear, there is nothing in this world that is unlimited; web hosting can’t be unlimited. The fact that iPage offers unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts, does not mean that you can host all the websites in the world on your shared hosting plan for only $2.25 per month. The concept of unlimited hosting is that the “normal” user is not limited to a strict number, so basically you are allowed to add-on as many websites as you want, create as many email addresses as you need, and use as much bandwidth as you need, all these under some rules. These rules are not very severe, only 0.05% of the users will fall into excessive server usage. If you conduct a normal business activity, without ever exceeding the server resources that are allocated to your account, there is no problem. If it may happen that your website has a huge traffic growth overnight (for example if your business gets on TV or on a very popular newspaper), you can have issues with your hosting account, but don’t worry, your account will not be closed. You will be notified and will have to make the necessary adjustments to stabilize your account.

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